Thursday, November 22, 2012

{NewBloPOst} DIY: Paint Dipped Pinecones for the Holidays

It's that time of year folks, and I can not believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas is around the corner. I love the Holidays and I really love Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and to be thankful for what we have and to appreciate those who love us unconditionally. 

The latest; Pine cone decorating... Designers, and Grafter's are now dipping Pinecones in their favorite colors. I think its cool and gives them a vintage look with a Modern twist. I love decorating in bright colors and this year I plan to decorate my home with pretty colors like: Pink, Purple, Orange, white, Moss Green, baby Blue and Yellow. I can't wait to share. 

Here is my short tutorial: How to dip Pinecones:

Turning out awesome! Wait until you see the
ones with fairy dust glitter...

Things you need:
1. Pinecones
2. Paint
3. Wire (to wrap around Pine cone for easy dipping)
4. Paint (or spray paint)
5. Wax paper
6. Ribbon


Thing to do:
1. Wrap Pinecone with wire then dip your Pinecone into paint, let drip try by placing over wax paper, or hang over paint can for approximately one minute to remove excess paint. 
2. Place on wax paper  allow to dry completely for about 15-30 minutes (this is the time to sprinkle on glitter before it dries completely if you want to have a few with a little sparkle).
3. Tie a beautiful ribbon, then hang or place in a bowl, and display

Loving the Pink!

I am so excited and happy the way these babies turned out!
What do you think? cute right?
I love Pinecones, great for hanging
or in a bowl to display.

You could never go wrong with Purple!!!
This is my all time favorite color.

Painted Pinecone Forest

Pink, Pink, Pink can't get enough.
adding a little dazzle to a Holiday craft

This is a great DIY project, and the colors are endless...

thanks for stopping by...

xoxo- Nicole


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Mrs. Willie Mae said...

Love this idea and the sparkles! :)

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