Saturday, October 6, 2012

{NewBlogPost} Hanging Halloween Banners: Juicy #CraftyChica Fabric Inks

I am so excited to share my craftychica Juicy Fabric Inks with you all. I think I may have used Fabric Inks/markers only a few times and that was a long time ago when my children were younger. 

I really enjoyed using craftychica's Juicy Fabric Inks, I had so much fun. At first, I practiced using them on scrap material, but once I got the hang of it I was on a roll. I wanted to draw and color every piece of material I got my hands on. I even asked my son if I can draw a picture on his shirt and he looked at me weird. Oh! well. lets take a look at what I did, I had this project in mind, the moment I signed up to receive a craftychica product

Here is what I worked hard on...Enjoy! Thanks @craftychica

Thank you @craftychica I had so much fun!

Cute Business card too...

Once you have a piece of card board, and you
have already made a triangle template. You
can go ahead and trace that triangle onto the 
fabrics chosen.

#Boo #Halloween #Ribbon, love it!

All the fabrics chosen are different, to give a more 
natural, not so put together look. 
Kind of vintage like if I only had these rags
to use and create.

What do you think of my color and pattern selections?

Lined up and ready to glue on the ribbon! Overlapping slightly keeps a continuous flow.

(I didn't use bloomers I promise)
That's what it looks like lol, I was a little bummed,
but I am over it now!

Taking measurements, I am happy to say my flag count, and the measurement for hanging distance turned out great.
(thank goodness).

Tacky Glue worked great for this project! Dried in minutes.
I was able to hang right away. 

A few more closeups to share with you, the letter L is dripping blood, the letter H will fly away soon he's gone batty, the other H above is cheering him on shining in Green Glitter.

Some more fabulous Glitter, a snakey E, and I love the 
Candelabra (W) so vintage looking. 
Possibly coasters?

What do you think of my #Halloween #Banner
so far? It was fun. 
I love this one too.

Thanks for stopping by, craftychica products are so
much fun to use.

I received this complimentary product(s) from as part of the Crafty Chica Design Team, was asked to share an original DIY project.

xoxo -Nicole

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xoxo -Nicole


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Cami said...

This is really fun and could be done for any holiday!! :) Thanks for the idea!

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