Sunday, July 20, 2014


S'mores : Ingredients 
  • Marshmallow
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Yellow Box Cake Mix
  • Whipped Marshmallow 
  • Graham Cracker
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cupcake Liners
How To: 
  • Mix cake mix in a bowl following the boxed instructions
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes, use a toothpick to test the center of your cupcakes. If the toothpick comes out clean, your cupcakes are done.
  • Trim your cupcakes for a flat top. Using a knife cut a hole to remove the center that way you can fill with your already whipped marshmallow. 
  • Add your chocolate icing, marshmallows, than add dark chocolate shavings for a finished and yummy look and taste!
After adding all the ingredients, the fun part sprinkling crushed graham cracker crust on top. 

Take lots of photos!!! 

Another Look from different angles.

As I continue to learn my camera, I am having so much fun taking photos of my work!. Cupcakes are my current fetish, chairs are my passion and Interior Design is my love!. What about you? do you have a fetish (food or design fetishes only) :)

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


We are moving so much is going on...packing, and more packing. But, in between packing we have to work and still prepare dinner, blog (when I have time) and refurbish (which I haven't done). I figured since I am moving and so is designitgirl it's better to start fresh when the site is up and running. You read it right, designitgirl is moving and her name is changing (slightly) and I am so excited to share this great news. It's all happening at once and this a great time for it, moving into our dream home, with a pool, large yard, tray ceilings, an enclosed patio/game room and a Jacuzzi. I mean what more could a happy blogger could ask for!. So, I can not wait to blog the before and afters of this new GRAND adventure. Amazing things are coming, I will do my best to blog every little detail. 

This cabinet is in our kitchen and I had so much fun painting the door using chalk board paint. Why? because my 17 year old son constantly asked us "what's for dinner" so we decided to write the menu on the chalk board. He's almost 18 yrs old now and still asks whats for dinner, gotta love them.

and... the famous chalk we all love and what i love using. 

When I went to Walmart one day I was searching high and low for this ceramic Butterfly Scented Wax Warmer by Better Homes and Gardens....I love it and purchased the many different scents, mmm smells yummy! Whats your favorite scent? I purchased an Owl Wax Warmer,   that plugs into an outlet, its so cute.  

A Christmas gift and I haven't used it because, I am saving it for the new site and new ideas will be written in it. 

A fun project, I used Sherwin Williams paint and i can't wait to finish my other two projects. A MCM Dresser got a new look!. 

Look at that smooth top, gorgeous.

I am looking forward to re-purposing this piece. A 1960's Mans Chest a little TLC and she will look brand new. I think this piece is going in the Master Bedroom. 

I had to share my straws pics, there are so many colors and designs to choose from. The ideas are endless, think of all the parties and cup cakes, yes I have a cupcake fetish and I love using my straws to decorate. 

This little chick is cute, once yellow, now a bright white to go with our modern decor. 

So, I am bad and sad to say that I received this gorgeous bike this past Christmas and her wheels have yet to see dirt, but she is pretty. I promise to ride her this year, this summer and I will take a photo while pedaling away. As you can see my home is empty, all those drawers are empty, it's ready to go and we are ready to move into our new home!. 

I love candles and these are the cutest, purchased at Ross for $5.99 each, not a bad deal!. And when your done, you can always use them for succulents, pencils, bamboo shoots, and more. 

This is a pretty lamp and I have plans to decorate her, I love the butterflies with a little jewels she going to look gorgeous in our new home!, 

Most of our things are packed and ready to go, so sharing what I have left is another way to saying bye to our "our home for now" and by to design it girl. Starting next month (date yet unknown) design it girl will be no more. A new name, new look and a new layout with new #tabs
will represent my new domain/site. I look forward to sharing my #life and design, a lifestyle blog, because I have so much more to offer than deign. Like fashion, I am so out of #shape, but I have a cool style and I want to share that as well. 

Stay tuned more to come on "MY our home for now". 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A place where we can relax and cuddle. A place to catch up after a long busy week at work and running around with two teens. Life is busy, but you always have to find time for love.  This is our home for now, we are in the process of purchasing our dream home, and we cant wait to share you guys.

Our bedroom, makes us smile every time we walk in! Our bedroom for now.

I love White comforters.

I love my money tree, that's one plant we wont kill :)
What do you think about that brass planter?

Loving my area rug from Target. I purchased this planter pot at my
local Goodwill for $17.00 bucks, what a great deal. 

My honey side of the bed. See that small green wire basket?
I purchased that at target for $4.75 on clearance. 

I purchased these lovely curtains at target as well and I am 
in love with the Yellow flowers. 

Spike always seem to find his way in our bed.

Cute, simple and sassy. A lot of the items are being packed so 
our room is beginning to look bare. 

I knew I wanted chevron lamp shades, as a designer I would've felt left out in a designer kind of way. So if the day comes, when chevron is a small thing of the past, I can say "I had those" with confidence. But, to be honest chevron will continue to lavish many more homes. 
Chevron Lamp Sades: Ross $9.99 each, but 10% OFF one because it was
a little dirty around the bottom rim. Not bad... 

The simplest things my us smile. 

Visit again for more on "Our Mobile Home For Now". We are sharing photos and the items we love in our current home, the final days are coming. 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I Just recently I purchased a book and the title reads "Home for now" how true this is for us. We are finally looking again for our perfect home, before it wasn't the time, and now we are extremely read. It feels wonderful to know that we can start house hunting, and gathering design ideas for our future home.In the mean time I wanted to share some of our favorite things in our current home! I have to start documenting the old home and the new, for comparison (in a good way). I am totally blessed to have a roof over my head and I LOVE modular/prefab homes. 

Here is a look into our bedroom. This cabinet I recently purchased at a thrift shop (for sale) I didn't want to put in my shop and I really love it, so maybe I'll keep it!. I love the look, a solid wood piece, the doors are so cute,  and this piece would work well in any small space. I was thinking in a bathroom or the guest room in our new home. 

DIY Cake Stand
My little cute Pink cake stand, a super easy #DIY project that I am in love with. I have three that Icreated and I have a few more plates and candle sticks to #DIY some more...The next color is Yellow!. A simple clear glass plate, a glass candle stick and liquid nail, spray paint and there you have it, a few pieces that look like porcelain.  

DIY Succulent Planter
This cute and inexpensive planter, was a margarita glass we had sitting in our hutch, and you know once we start packing I'm sure it would have broke or forgotten about. So, I decided to spray pain her Gold and plant a succulent, I think she turned out glamorous, how about you?

Scrap Book Paper Coasters
Another favorite and a cute #DIY #craft anyone can do, especially with leftover paper. I purchased round cork coasters from my local thrift shop and the entire bag of at least 60+ coat only $2.00 bucks, yup I thought that was a great deal as well. I decided to make paper coaster, how cute. Read the full post here.

What do you think? shes a beauty. 

My recent #Target purchase

These cuties are resting in our living area, extra seating for
the children and their friends. I really like that they can be easily stacked and displayed as art. 

One of my many favorite accessories.
Ceramic Coral Reef candle holder

Around my home for now! part2, stay tuned visit again and again. We are moving and plenty of new stuff happening on the blog. The blog is moving too...yup you heard right, new blog, new name, new home means new projects and plenty of before & afters, yesssss!!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Orange decor is in and Black is out, but only for the Women in #OITNB that is. A Netflix series that has become a must watch in our home, These women have no say when it comes to what they wear behind bars, so when it comes to fashion its only left to the imagination. When you only have Orange to deal with, you just have to improvise and make the best with what you've got!. Just think of all the creative women in prison. 

Here is my twist on this happening show. 
#OITNB is a H-O-T new series, already in season 2. With drama from beginning to end, a love triangle, anger, a bunch of cool women learning to survive.  I love this show. A definite behind the scenes on how women really deal with prison life. I am pretty sure its just a scratch off the surface of how real women deal with living behind bars. And in some of the toughest prisons around.  

#OITNB decorate your cell, check out these cool fashion and decor ideas. 
Orange is a color that many people should use more often, why? because Orange is bold, fun, bright, and cheery. Orange is an automatic smile on a persons face, an automatic splash of spunk to a space. Orange forces the soul to feel bright. Yes, I am trying to make light of the bright Orange jump suits and no its not for a fun and cheery day in prison, more like "your not getting very far in those jump suits".  :/

Now let's decorate Alex's Cell: I think she's sexy, classy for sure, with an edgy style.


Alex is one of my favorite characters, but I think Piper has an edgy side to her as well. Like they say "you have to watch out for the quiet ones"!. Piper is sweet and can be very manipulative, and she gets her way, she charms her way through different situations and her innocence makes her appear vulnerable to other inmates.  Alex is straight forward and uses her charm to "charm" her way through, she has swag and knows when to use it. Her cool and calming appearance keeps her under the radar. This "laylow method" allows Alex to plan her next move. 

1. Pradaglasses 2. Alexpic #OITNB 3. Orange Tufted Chair 4. 
5. Geometric Retro Pillow  6. Ralph Lauren Orange Leather Espadrilles 7. Orange pants 8. Orange Wife beater 9. Orange Rimmed Tumbler Glass


What do you think? I would love to see Piper in that dress, and sitting in that 
gorgeous tufted chair.

1. Orange Chair by John Lewis   2. Piper's photo by 3. Sexy Orange Dress 4. 5. Sperry 6. 7. 
8. Baroque Styled Chandelier by 9. Orange scarf 
10. Minky Blanket Orange and Black essiedesigns on etsy. This blanket will make you feel secure.

Let me know what you think!. I think they can use a little glam decor behind bars. 
Which is your favorite piece? and who is your favorite character?

#OITNB on Wednesday Nights Watch on Netflix
Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post for Netflix,


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