Friday, April 25, 2014


Not just your ordinary wooden board game we all know and love! My children enjoy playing, we played a lot when they were little and try to play now as often as possible. The traditional Mancala is made from wood and beans are used to navigate your way around the board. 

This Easter, to bring a little tradition back in a cool and fun way, I decided to use this cool ceramic egg holder that I purchased from my local Home Store, for $5.99, It was mine. 

So simple I purchased a small bag of jelly beans, the same ones I used for my yummy Nest Easter Cupcakes here

Lets play Mancala.

Name your favorite

Have you ever played Mancala?

Here is the original game and a little history, you can purchase Mancala at your local Walmart or Target stores. here This is what the wooden version looks like.



The great thing about Easter Mancala you can eat the jelly beans when done! :)

Happy Easter!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Easter is almost here and I am ready to bake my heart out (not really,but..) you get the idea. How about you? do you like to bake for the Holidays? or are you the "stop at the supermarket on the way kind of person?"  I rather bake, but occasionally i'll admit at stop at the grocery store is a must. ____ happens!.

My Easter cupcakes, a fun way to bake for Easter!. I am by far a chef baker, but I have a real cupcake fetish. 

I love my cupcakes...

Happy Easter! Yummly :)
photo by Nicole aka designitgirl

photo by Nicole aka designitgirlblog

I can't wait to bite into yummy chocolate.

Loving the Pink Polka-dot cupcake liner. Just a few of my favorite baking
supplies that I received for Christmas.

How To Bake these yummy cupcakes:
  • I box chocolate mix
  • 3 eggs (I used egg whites)
  • 1/4 cup olive oil (substitute)
  • 1 cup of water
  • jelly beans
  • pretzels
  • vanilla frosting
  • polka-dot cupcake liners
I substituted these ingredients instead of the boxed ingredients. Taste just as good, even better. 

Where are you spending your Easter?

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Monday, April 14, 2014


There comes a time during your design career when you realize that, your design style changes and your heart opens up to new, your mind creates and imagines, and soul becomes open to change. Our world is a canvas, we have to incorporate and find space for the things we love, large and small. 

I never liked Ornate Styled Mirrors (sorry) they just looked Gothic to me (at the time). I just wasn't attracted to this style, but now I am in love...I love the look and I especially love when they are painted in bright bold colors. How about you?. There are so many styles and colors and I love the fact that some are really large and some are really cute and small. 


Love the staging, this dresser and mirror looks gorgeous together. I love White painted furniture with wood flooring under foot looks beautiful and clean. 


Orange, don't you just smile when you see this color? I love the chalkboard painted mirror, it still offers that classy look, that ornate mirrors are meant to portray, classy, chic and glamorous.  I love how color can transform a mirror, it still enhances it's character, just with a bold statement of color for inspiration throughout the home. 

Which is your favorite? I love them all, and there are so much more to choose from. Go bold, you wont be disappointed. 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of home accessories that can use a few new coats of paint. Paint can transform a piece drastically, and make it look brand new.  Most of us  have a certain color scheme that we use consistently throughout our homes, and sometimes spray painting a Serving Tray, or an Ornate styled mirror, a Mid Century Modern Cabinet, can add tons of interest to a space. I am not one to run and buy new, I like to keep what I have and spray paint if I inspired by another color!
Spray Paint Home Decor Makeover - Jazz it up!

Serving Tray, Mirror & Modern Cabinet: Before   

Mixed home furniture items - Before photo. You won't believe this transformation!

Use What You Have

I have a shelf lined with almost every color of spray paint, so I try my best not to make any unnecessary purchases. Believe me I am always looking for a good reason to shop at my local home store, but I refrain myself, its very hard to do.
This Vintage Ornate mirror looks good as is, a Golden Antiqued color, but I wanted the Gold to feel and look a little more subtle. With a few coats of spray paint,  this mirror has a more modern vintage look, that will fabulous in any room in your home.

Supplies for Painting Home Furniture

  • Spray paint (Lime green, Slate Blue, and Gold)
  • Cleanup rag
  • sanding block
  • Glass cleaner
  • camera (take plenty of before & afters)
  • Mask

Spray Painting Preparation

Proper preparation is key to a smooth surface before spray painting in order to achieve a professional look and finish. Cleaning your surface with a damp rag using a household cleaner is an easy way to clean up lose dirt and paint. Loosen up old paint  by using a wire brush and or sandpaper before painting.
Spray paint outdoors or a well ventilated area, wearing a mask while spray painting can help prevent bodily harm. Spraying outdoors in great weather, such as low humidity, little wind, will help keep your spray under control for an even application.
From my experience spray painting outdoors in sunny weather when is not too windy works best. I have learned that spray painting in windy weather causes you to use up all your paint very quickly. But, when spray painting in sunny weather this helps bake your paint onto the surface for faster curing time.

Serving Tray, Mirror & Modern Cabinet: After


Modern & Chic Paint Colors

Spray painting is a lot of fun and a quick way to transform any decor item in your home. Be creative, step out the box and choose colors that you would have never thought to use before in your home. I chose Slate Blue, Lime Green and Gold, because for me these are colors that I normally wouldn’t have introduced to our home decor. I’m more of a Nickel finish, White, Pink, and Orange kind of girl. So, this for me was a different and fun.


Spray painting a Mid Century Modern Cabinet Slate Blue was fun and challenging.  For this particular style of furniture you want to get it right, picking the right color without taking away the style and character of the piece, keeping the surface smooth, and all original parts intact. I think it turned out nicely and the color speaks modern.


What do you think?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I am pretty sure this table has seen better days, and the laminate is crying for a makeover. I started to remove the plastic trim already, the table is in good condition. I am planning to prime and paint, possibly adding some cool modern contact paper or painting a color that represents the modern influence. What do you think? I began filling the open area where the trim was located using wood filler, that way I can paint and make it like the trim was never there.  

This table reminds me of lunch room tables, or even used in hospitals. If you know anything about this folding table, feel free to comment below. Is it vintage? It looks like it.


Jazzing her up for brand new look! 

Many Patterns To Choose From
A few designer patterns of contact paper that I love, possible candidates for the folding table

Vintage shelf paper
by Excuse me while i buy the Junk Blog
I really love this vintage design contact paper. I would definitely cover the folding table
in this. 

Creative Covering Contact Paper, 18" x 9' Polka Blue
Love click Here for more info

Creative Covering Contact Paper, 18" x 9'
Which is your favorite click Here

5 Functional, Beautiful Ways To Use Contact Paper

Make Labels for Jars out of Chalkboard Contact Paper

Decorate Panels of a Window Seat or Room Divider

Make a New Kitchen Backsplash with Patterned Contact Paper

Create a Chevron Wall

Create an Eye-Catching Credenza

The ideas are endless and I can't wait to get started on my folding table. I love the many designer patterns that are available, you can create to your hearts desire with so many to choose from. I love the modern look, I am considering a modern or a chic pattern. What do you think? my favorite so far are Polka Dots, I think its cool modern and retro. 

 Come back again for the REVEAL!

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